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Blue Sphere is an advanced water treatment technology integration and consulting firm.

Industries Served

Adhesives Manufacturing

Blue Sphere has experience in the treatment of adhesive waste streams.  This includes complete system design, upgrades, and related chemical/consumable product sales.

Aqua Culture

Blue Sphere provides equipment and services to large aquatic exhibits.  Primarily focused on ozone gas generators, their auxiliaries and filtration systems.  Blue Sphere has been privileged to work on some of the largest systems in North America.

Building Heating and Cooling

Blue Sphere understands the water treatment needs of large commercial building heating /cooling systems. Blue Sphere provides chemical feed systems and products to protect closed loop systems.  We also provides pre-treatment equipment such as water softeners and filtration for process water.

Chemical Manufacturing

Blue Sphere has experience with the diverse waste streams that result from chemical manufacturing.  We provide full treatability studies, system design, system sales and consumable product sales into this market.


Blue Sphere furnishes complete pre-treatment packages and waste water treatment systems to meet the demanding criteria of the electronics market.  This includes reverse osmosis systems and sterilization equipment.

Food Processing

Blue Sphere has worked in a range of food related applications to help clients meet discharge criteria though proper system design, optimization and better operation of current assets.

Industrial Laundries

Blue Sphere has extensive experience in the industrial laundry market and chemical programs that utilize dissolved air flotation for solids removal.   Our services range from complete system design and integration to consulting and operator training.

Metals Removal and Recovery

Blue Sphere is highly fluent in all technologies associated with metals reduction.  From traditional precipitation to membrane based removal, Blue Sphere can design and integrate a system for your case specific waste stream.

Municipal Drinking Water Treatment

Blue Sphere has been privileged to assist many municipal plants through the sale of coagulant aids and feed/analytic equipment to improve finished water quality as part of Alum based treatment programs.  We additionally provide de-watering products for Alum sludge.

Municipal Waste Water Treatment

Blue Sphere provides consumable products and equipment to municipal waste water treatment plants.  This includes dewatering polymers for DAF and belt press systems.


Blue Sphere provides solutions for oil removal and recovery along with technology for the treatment of petro-chemical waste water streams to compliant levels.  We have in depth knowledge of the regulations pertaining to the treatment of waters waters commingled with listed wastes.

Poultry Processing

Blue Sphere is well acquainted with the specific issues pertaining to the treatment of poultry and slaughter house waste water streams.  Blue Sphere provides equipment and chemical products to the Poultry industry along with consulting and design services.

Plastic Recycling

The plastic recycling industry creates some challenging waste streams with which Blue Sphere is highly fluent.  Blue sphere provides complete system design, process optimization, equipment and consumables for use in this industry.

Pulp and Paper

Blue Sphere brings practical experience to bear in the pulp and paper market.  Blue Sphere provides equipment including dissolved air flotation units and consumable chemical products to this market.

Tanker Cleaning Wastewater

Blue Sphere offers extensive experience in the tanker cleaning market, which creates a diverse and challenging, high solids waste water stream.  Blue Sphere provides full treatment plant design, equipment packages, upgrades and consumable products to most of the major tank wash companies in the United States.

Textile Dyeing and Finishing

Blue Sphere has worked in the textile dying and finishing market for both large mills and small specialized producers.  We provide technologies for solids separtion, color removal and full recycle capability.

Product Line


Blue Sphere offers industrial gear reduced and direct drive agitators for applications ranging from drum and tote blending to full scale batch reactors.  Brands include Dynamix, Neptune and custom builds.


Blue Sphere designs and provides aeration equipment packages for industrial waste water treatment processes.  We offer both conventional blower/diffuser  and pump/injector based systems.  In addition to full systems we provide related components and parts.  Brands include Fuji and Roots blowers and EDI diffusers for conventional systems.  Brands include mazzie injectors and Gorman Rupp or ANSI equivalent pumps for injector based systems.

Chemical Metering Pumps

Blue Sphere provides a full range of chemical metering and transfer pumps.  These include stand alone pumps and fully engineered feed systems for slurry or polymer dilution.  Brands include Walchem, Sandpiper and Liberty.

Custom Control Panels

Blue Sphere designs and builds custom control panels.  The scope of our work extends from basic pump start and stop stations up to full plant control systems.  Blue Sphere panels utilize Siemens electrical components and are designed for harsh service environments.

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Dissolved Air Flotation

Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) units are a core competency of Blue Sphere.  The Blue Sphere DAF is a rugged, practical, quality driven design that provides reliable service in the harshest environments.  DAF units are available from 30gpm up to 1000gpm and larger to meet the needs of any waste water treatment plant.

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Blue Sphere provides all manner of filtration devices for both process water and waste water applications.  We offer both stand alone components and complete engineered filtration systems.

More Filter Information

Flow Meters

Blue Sphere provides a diverse offering of flow meters suitable for all applications in process water, boiler/cooling water and waster water treatment.  Flow Meter options include turbine style registering and contacting meters, electromagnetic and ultrasonic. Brands include Carlon, Endress Hauser, Flomotion.

Hose and Camlock Fittings

Blue Sphere provides several options for custom hose assemblies.  We have specifications offered for chemical product transfer, general waste water/sludge transfer and economical collapsible tube.

Level and Pressure Devices

Through years of operational experience, Blue Sphere has compiled an offering of rugged level and pressure feedback devices that can be depended on to preform in harsh environments.

Treatment Chemicals

Blue Sphere offers a comprehensive range of chemical products for water and waste water treatment.  These include:

Organic / inorganic coagulant blends

Emulsion polymers

Dry polymers

Oxidizing agents

Metal scavengers

Areation culture supplements

Freeze dried bacteria

Ozone Gas

Blue Sphere designs and integrates ozone gas systems for applications in process water, cooling water, marine exhibits and waste water treatment.  Generators and related auxiliary equipment are available as stand alone items or as part of a fully engineered system.

More Ozone Information



Blue Sphere distributes all manner of water and product transfer pumps to meet the requirements of any operation.  Brands include AMT, Gorman Rupp, Grundfros, MP, Chemflo, BMJ, Sandpiper and Mosherflo ANSI clones.

More Pump Information

Process Analysis

Blue Sphere offers a diverse range of process analysis equipment for measurement, feed back and data-logging of all metrics used in water treatment.  Standard devices are can monitor PH, ORP, Turbidity or Conductivity. Other more advanced sensor equipment can measure parameters such as Ammonia, Phosphorus, BOD, Zeta potential and others.

Reverse Osmosis

Blue Sphere distributes packaged RO systems with flow capabilities up to 10gpm and fully engineered custom builds at larger volumes.  Brackish and salt water systems are available.

Water Softeners

Blue Sphere offers industrial grade water softener systems for process, boiler, cooling water or RO pre-treatment. Blue Sphere water softener systems utilize Fleck control valves and Structural pressure vessels.

Ultra Violet Light

Blue Sphere distributes UV light systems for use in process water sterilization applications.  Our packaged systems can handle up to 45gpm and are available with or without transfer pumps and pre-filters.  Larger volume process water and waste water systems are also available.

Services Provided


If you have a complex compliance issue and are facing regulatory action , you have come to the right place.  Blue Sphere tackles the most challenging water treatment problems faced by industry today.

Design and Engineering

Blue Sphere design and engineering services for full pre-treatment plant builds.  Turnover packages are flexible to meet client goals, but generally include P&ID diagram, hydraulic diagram, ladder diagram, panel construction diagram, overhead layout, detailed equipment specification and material specification.  These services are available as a standalone service or as part of a turn key project.

Drafting Services

Blue Sphere offers professional grade drafting services for processes within its customer base upstream of waste water treatment.  Integration of our diagrams have helped large manufacturing operations gain improved control over their waste generation rates and helped personnel managers train new hires on existing processes.

Equipment Installation and Startup

Blue Sphere field operations include highly efficient mechanical and electrical contracting services.  In many cases Blue Sphere can install and commission equipment more quickly and economically then can be done by local contractors.

Operator Training

A Blue Sphere consultant can train operators on new treatment processes related to physical chemical  water treatment and equipment items within our vast product line.

Process Optimization

A Blue Sphere consultant can work with your existing equipment to optimize the performance of your assets and assess their capability to meet your compliance needs. Additionally, we help company management employ controls over water plant operations though proper cost monitoring and reporting procedures.

Treatability, Fesibility and Pilot Studies

Blue Sphere can analyze the specific properties of your waste stream and mimic the performance  of various technologies through bench top studies.  We use this data to determine the best options to fit you needs from a practical, ease of operation and capital standpoint.   Blue Sphere will extrapolate an accurate return on investment for consideration.

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