Dissolved Air Flotation

50 gpm Dissolved Air Flotation System

Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) is a method of removing contaminants from a waste water stream. The process is particularly effective for en-trained FOG (fat oil & grease). DAF units inject dissolved air into a chemically reacted waste stream causing micro bubbles to adhere to solids. Once the solids are attached to the micro bubbles they gain buoyancy and float to the top of the DAF unit where a mechanical rake removes them.

DAF units are a core competency of Blue Sphere. The Blue Sphere DAF is a rugged, practical design. The selection of each component has been distilled though years of system design, start-up and operation in many diverse industries.  DAF units are available from 30gpm up to 1000gpm and larger to meet the needs of any waste water treatment plant.

Every single sub-component is chosen from an operational ease of use and service life stand point. From the chain selection to the whitewater pump to the shell design, the DAF unit has been crafted around the Operator and that persons need to produce a result every day.   It is designed for quick system cleaning and with minimum moving parts.  The highest quality, yet simple electrical control systems are integrated to provide service in harsh environments.

You will not find any brittle plastic chains, leaky bottom augers,  twisted off switches, bursting tubes, clogging internal media or magic black box whitewater canisters here.  We have seen it all, and engineered out the junk.

Elegant in its simplicity.  The Blue Sphere DAF is superior to other alternatives on the market.




Dissolved Air Flotation Unit Features:

Solid 304 stainless steel construction

Slanted bottom and for easy cleanup

Unique effluent weir and level adjustment design

Heavy gauge stainless chain and sprocket sludge rake

Whitewater distribution, air controls and control panel on work platform

Integrated sludge hopper

Threaded weirs for simple water level adjustment

High air to solids ratio using Air-Whip pump

2.5 gpm per square foot surface area flotation cell


Dissolved Air Flotation Unit in Service
Dissolved Air Flotation

Distilled over years of installation, start-up and operation.

Will It Work For Me?

Industries Effectively Served by Dissolved Air Flotation:


Algae Harvesting

Chemical Manufacturers

Food Processing

Hydro-Frac Flow Back Water

Industrial Laundries

ISO Container Wash Water

Municipal Wastewater Sludge Conditioning


Poultry Processing

Plastic Recycling Wash Water

Pulp & Paper

Rail Car Wash Water

Tanker Cleaning Wastewater

Textile Dyeing and Finishing

Third Party Water Treaters

Contaminant Removal Capabilities

Fats Oil and Grease: 99%
Polar / Non Polar Material: 99%
Total Suspended Solids: 95+%
Chemical Oxygen Demand: 65+%
Biological Oxygen Demand: 65+%
BTEX: 95%


Dissolved Air Flotation is additionally effective for Ammonia Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Metals and Phenol reduction.

Values are typical and may not reflect the performance of this technology on all waste streams.  Values are typically achieved in conjunction with an effective physical chemical program.

Selecting appropriate solids removal equipment for a waste water treatment application is a precise and challenging task. Blue Sphere can assist your operation in every aspect of the process.  From permitting, system process design, installation, startup and further training, Blue Sphere can help insure compliance and performance.

If you have an existing DAF system, Blue Sphere can repair, retrofit or upgrade equipment. Common upgrades include new white water pump systems and sludge rake repairs.  Modern, customized control panels and system analysis equipment can be integrated with legacy units to help you meet compliance with minimum capital expanse.

White Water System

At the core of practical, effective, Dissolved Air Flotation is the system “whitewater” pump. This is the method by which a DAF dissolves the air into the waste stream. Blue Sphere units utilize the AIR WHIP whitewater pump. This is a high speed, open impeller, close coupled pump.  Compressed air is injected directly into the pump housing, where mechanical action sheers the air volume and dissolves the gas into the water under pressure in a single step.

There are other whitewater pumps on the market that can produce a similar effect.  However, there is not another pump on the market that can do so with the simplicity and low maintenance requirements of the AIRWHIP.


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