Industrial Water Treatment Products are Becoming Increasingly Commoditized

Industrial Water Treatment Products are Becoming Increasingly Commoditized

There is a strong, underlying market trend that industrial waste water treatment chemicals are losing their “specialty” status.  It started with the largest polymer users.  Mammoth product consumers such as the City of New York, gained an understanding of the charge and molecular weight of dry polymer product they were using.  In a bidding war between the various large producers of that time (around 2002) for their business, the largest users where offered pricing that in some cases was actually below product cost.  The volumes help base load the factories however.

Then followed a series of acquisitions and consolidations.  Bellwether names such as Stockhausen, were swallowed by larger commodity houses.  In most cases, commodity salesmen were empowered and encouraged to go forth and market the products, replacing the specialized polymer representative.  Most large commodity dealers retained at least one trained polymer applications person and they “bring in” that person on an as needed basis for trouble shooting.

These changes are a natural progression for any technology to make as it reaches maturity.  Blue Sphere Water Technology recognizes this trend.  Blue Sphere distributes water treatment chemicals with full transparency of the product properties, including percent charge and molecular weight.  This allows informed purchasing agents and engineers to quickly identify and purchase the products they need, at deep value, without waiting on a “specialty” chemical representative.

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