A New Approach to an Old Technology – The Dewatering Box

A New Approach to an Old Technology – The Dewatering Box

There are many high end dewatering solutions on the market.  Screw presses, filter presses, belt presses, gravity thickeners, centrifuges and thermal dryers to name a few.  Minimization of solid waste disposal remains a high priority for anyone who owns or operates a water treatment process.  Each of these technologies yields valuable results in large scale operations. 

However, we encounter many small scale operations which simply do not have the volume of wastewater to justify such a capital expenditure.  Even if a company can afford the capital cost, they rarely have or wish to allocate additional skilled labor to run such a device.  The cost difference of fielding a skilled, well compensated operator versus the most economical one can eliminate the savings generated from additional dewatering in small scale pre-treatment plants. 

For this reason, the dewatering method of choice for many pretreatment plants which operate in the 50gpm range is the simple dewatering box.  With no moving parts and producing reasonable degree of solids thickening, this is a logical alternative and is successful in many markets. 

We have encountered a unique dewatering box that is designed for an exceptionally long service life.  The box features stainless steel internals and is banded with traditional epoxy coated carbon steel.  This blended use of materials insures that the box will provide 20+ years of service and is ideal for higher mineral content or aggressive waste streams.  For a relatively minor difference in capital cost, a facility can field an asset with a much longer functional lifespan by choosing this container.

These boxes are available with rolling hard and tarp style tops and fabricated to general DOT specifications.    

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