Ozone Gas Systems

Ozone Gas System

With the development of low cost, rugged ozone generators, this potent oxidizer has become the premier choice for biologic control in the water treatment field.  There is simply no disinfection technology which can provide the value and performance of a modern ozone system.

There have been serious advancements in ozone technology over the past several years. This includes generators which can produce ozone gas concentrations up to 20%.  If you have not considered ozone gas as a viable disinfection alternative for your facility in the last five years, it is time to re-evaluate.




Ozone Gas is Effective For:

Process Water Sterilization

Post Oxidation of Wastewater Streams (including Fecal Coliform Reduction)

Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Chilled Water Sumps and Air-Washer Treatment

Fire Water Holding Tank Biologic Control

Aqua Culture

Large Swimming Pools and Water Features

Component of a Pre-treatment Process for:

Metal Precipitation

Ammonia Reduction

Phenol Destruction

Color Removal


Contaminant Removal Capabilities

Bacteria: 100%
Color: 99+%


Also possible using ozone gas as a component of a wider system:

Ammonia Nitrogen: 99%+
Chemical Oxygen Demand: 25+%
Phenol: 99+%
Metals: 99+%

Values are typical and may not reflect the performance of this technology on all waste streams.

When it comes to ozone gas, proper application is the key to success.  Important variables such as complete gas saturation, contact time, temperature and biologic loading are considered.  The long term operational costs associated with compressed air usage and the electrical consumption of components are also considered.  Blue Sphere provides complete, turnkey ozone systems that are over engineered to provide reliable service in harsh environments.



waste water treatment using ozone gas
Post Oxidation System for Waste water Treatment
Ozone gas injection station

Expanded Explanation Of Ozone Gas Applications:

Process Water Treatment:

Treatment of process water using ozone gas is common practice in many industries such as pharmaceutical production, food processing and in the bottled water business. Ozone is the advantageous choice, because of the short half life of the gas in solution.  Ozone gas breaks down rapidly, leaving no chemical residual in the water.  Thus no chemicals are imparted into the finished product.

Ozone gas is the most effective technology for biologic control in process water holding tanks, which typically follow reverse osmosis systems or de-ionization systems.  These holding tanks are prone to biologic fouling as the water has been de-chlorinated prior to demineralization.

For process water treatment, ozone gas can be applied to the full water flow or as a side stream off of storage tanks.  Contact Blue Sphere and we will help make a determination as to what method is best for your application.

Wastewater Sterilization:

Ozone treatment is an excellent choice for septic wastewater sterilization. This technology is effective for fecal coli-form reduction and virus elimination in municipal or private wastewater treatment facilities.   When compared to chlorination and de-chlorination, ozone gas is attractive because it is a one step process.  The short half life of ozone in solution eliminates the need for any sort of removal chemistry.  These advantages can lower the construction cost and foot print of new WWT facilities.

Additionally, growing concerns over THM residuals in plant discharges as a result of chlorine addition can be adverted by selecting ozone gas instead of chlorine.  It is only a matter of time before increased regulation of residual THMs is enacted.

Contact Blue Sphere to let us help determine if a change to ozone gas is right for your facility. 

Cooling Water Treatment:  

There is simply no better method for biologic control of cooling water available.  Ozone gas excels in this arena and out performs traditional methods in both cost and performance.

Properly applied ozone gas will completely eliminate all biologics in the bulk water and further oxidize the potential food stuffs of micro organisms.  Systems which utilize ozone gas as a biocide are typically so “dead” that the gas can be turned off for weeks at a time without significant biologic fouling taking place.

In the complete absence of biologic mater the potential for deposition on heat transfer surfaces has been found to be greatly reduced.  Ozone gas does not directly prevent mineral scale, but its use does allow for high levels of TDS in the bulk water without significant concern over mineral scale formation.

By producing a potent oxidizing biocide on site and on demand, a modern ozone system is dramatically more economical then using traditional chemical biocides.  With the ever rising cost of liquid bromine and non-oxidizers, transportation costs and handling, it no longer makes monetary sense to use traditional chemistry on tower systems over 1,000 ton.  The best operational range for an ozone system is between 1,000 and 40,000 ton.

For facilities which discharge cooling tower blow down under an NPDES permit and which have issues with the toxicity of the effluent, ozone is an excellent choice.  Because of the short half life of the gas in the water, the residual has disappeared by the time water is discharged, unlike conventional chlorine, bromine or non-oxidizing biocides.

Blue Sphere can provide ozone systems for lease or purchase.  Contact us and allow us to help your facility make the change.  Ozone gas systems are used in conjunction with proper solids control, and corrosion  inhibition products as part of a comprehensive cooling water management plan.

Chilled Water Sumps and Air Washers:

Ozone gas as a biocide for chilled water sumps and air washers is highly effective.  As with cooling water, a properly engineered ozone system will yield complete destruction of all biologic matter within the bulk water. The cooler temperature of the chilled water is also advantageous for ozone usage. By eliminating the potential for biologic fouling, the tendency for deposition on heat transfer surfaces is reduced.

Ozone is an exceptional technology for air washers, which dehumidify facilities and turn over large volumes of water.  The environment within these devices is typically warm, humid and prone to biologic growth.  This environment combines with a high rate of water discharge to drain.  Usage of conventional chemical products to maintain typical target chemical residuals can be very expensive. A large quantity of this chemistry is also unfortunately sent directly down the drain as the unit overflows.  As ozone is produced on demand and injected into a side stream circulation loop, the air washer bulk water is treated effectively and at significantly less cost.

For facilities which discharge air washer blow down or chilled water under an NPDES permit, ozone allows them to escape toxicity related issues with their effluent.

Fire Water Holding Tank Biologic Control:

It is a common problem in many above ground fire water holding tanks to see biologic growth after the water has remained static for long periods of time.  A small ozone system which provides circulation of the water and maintains a target ORP can eliminate this issue at your facility.

Aqua Culture:

Ozone gas systems are accepted as the best available technology the aqua culture industry.  All large aquarium facilities utilize this technology.  Blue Sphere is familiar with the integration and operation of such facilities and can provide systems for this purpose.

Waste Water Pre-Treatment:

Ozone gas has gained traction as a vital tool in the treatment of complex industrial waste streams.  An ozone system can be integrated as one step in a multi-step treatment process that involves physical chemical treatment, biologic reduction or both.

Systems can be developed for the oxidation of Ammonia, using established techniques based off of break point chlorinization.

Pre oxidation of high COD waste streams can be accomplished for increased removal via physical chemical separation or to make the waste streams more biologically available for aeration based biologic reduction.

Systems can be developed for the oxidation of metals and removal via filtration techniques.

Ozone gas is highly effective as an effluent polishing technology for phenol and color reduction.

Compare Cooling Tower Treatment Methods…

Cooling Tower Basin Ozone Treatment
Cooling water basin using chemical treatment

Typical cold water basin treated with ozone gas.

Typical cold water basin treated using conventional chemicals.


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