Positive Experience with the Siemens Micromaster VFD Series

Positive Experience with the Siemens Micromaster VFD Series

In the past two months, Blue Sphere has sold, installed and commissioned several of the Siemens MicroMaster variable frequency drives (VFDs).  While we do not offer this drive exclusively, positive experiences with the equipment in the field are forcing us to consider it.  From a stand point of integrated features for the money, this VFD provides the best value we have found. 

Lets face it, we all dread programming VFDs.  Its just something about the 400 page technical manuals.   While there are some dirt simple drives on the market which we endorse.  (The integrated drive on the Grundfros stack pumps comes to mind.)  There is significant value in integrating a complex, upper end VFD for critical processes.   

The standard features of the Siemens MicroMaster series which have very practical uses in the field include:

• A series of read only parameters which display incoming, out going and the DC conversion voltage.  Its like having a secondary volt meter. 

• A removable LCD interface called the BOP.  If a screen is damaged, a replacement is only $60 and can be changed out in two minutes.  This also allows for a very quick trouble shooting procedure.

• The internal current monitors automatically shut down the drive in any conditions which would damage it.  The programmer has high degree of control over the series of conditions.  The investment in one of these drives is protected by the software. 

• In addition to the wide array of control options available on all modern drives, the Siemens MicroMaster has integrated PID functions, which are perfect for automated flow rate applications and set point based chemical addition.  This can be done without a stand alone process controller or PLC, saving capital.

If interested in the Micro Master VFD series, please contact Blue Sphere Water Technology. 



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