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Gorman Rupp Trash Pump

Pump selection makes or breaks a water plant.  Specifying the best pump for an application on the front end, is crucial to the  long term functionality, maintenance cycle and performance of a process.  Developed through years of field work, Blue Sphere has assembled an offering of rugged, reliable pumps  that represent the best overall values the industry has to offer.  Blue Sphere is highly fluent in pump selection and sizing .  We are happy to assist with your application.


Small Applications - pumps by American Machine and Tool

AMT pumpThe AMT small centrifugal pump offers supreme value for for low volume, low solids, water transfer.  They are ideal for small volume treated water transfer and reuse applications.  The semi open impeller allows them to preform during plant upset conditions.

AMT small straight centrifugal pumps from the 300 series reach flow capacities up to 90gpm and head pressures up to 65ft.

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AMT High Head Centrifugal PumpThe AMT high Head Series centrifugal pump features a closed impeller design that provides more efficient operation at the expense of solids handling capability.  These pumps are an ideal choice for clean water transfer and reuse applications.

The AMT 400 Series Hiigh head pumps provide flow rates up to 118gpm and head pressures up to 149ft.

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Heavy Duty Straight Centrifugal PumpThe AMT Heavy Duty Straight Centrifugal Pump is a moderate volume workhorse ideal for clear well treated water transfer and reuse applications.  It features a semi-open impeller and can handle periodic plant upsets.

The AMT 3000 and 4000 series pumps produce flow rates up to 500gpm and head pressures up to 194ft.

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394A-95For moderate volume high solids waste water streams, Blue Sphere utilizes AMT trash pumps.  These open impeller pumps have strong solids handling capabilities.  We have placed them is some very harsh service environments over the years and they have not disappointed.

AMT 300 Series trash pumps offer flow rate coverage is up to 540gpm and head pressures up to 80ft.

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AMT Submersible Shredder PumpThe AMT submersible shredder is a robust design that that performs in the harshest service environments.  Blue Sphere utilizes this pump in drainage sump applications within treatment plants that are prone to solids and garbage accumulation.

The AMT shredder produces flow rates up to 260gpm and head pressures up to 90ft.

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Large Applications - pumps by Gorman Rupp, Grundfros, Mosher flow

The Gorman Rupp V SeriesThe Gorman-Rupp Ultra V Series is simply the premier solids handling pump on the market.  This is the best available choice for solid laden waste water in large scale operations.

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Super T Series PumpThe Super T Series is the best choice for solid laden water transfer for large scale operations in which re-priming capability is required.

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Grundfros CR series Pump

The Grundfors CR series pump offers a highly efficient design and are simple to service.   These pumps are the preferred choice for high volume/high pressure water transfer.  The CRE series pumps feature integrated VFDs, which we have found to preform exceptionally well in the field.

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Goulds-3196 ansi pumpBlue Sphere offers a complete selection of ANSI pumps and parts for facilities which require this certification.

Specialty Pumps

Pumps for DAF unitsThe AIR WHIP DAF PumpThe AIR WHIP pump is the simplest and most robust technology for dissolving air into water for DAF applications.  This open impeller, close coupled pump does not suffer from the clogging issues associated with multi-stage impeller pumps and is significantly easier to service.

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